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I can’t believe you’re flashing around other people’s pictures without their permission, you bastard!

I love taking proud guys like you down a peg or two.
love taking proud guys like you down a peg or two.

Yokozawa isn't fond of getting his ass groped at work and lets Kirishima know

  • Kirishima: So what, you don't like me touching you?
  • Yokozawa: That's not the issue! I'm telling you to think about your surroundings! Don't tell me you try that kind of shit on your subordinates, right?
  • Kirishima: There's no way I'd ever sexually harass my subordinates.
  • Yokozawa: ...So you REALIZE it's sexual harassment.
  • Kirishima: Well, the same action can be taken different ways depending on who you're doing it to. It's a crime for me to grope a subordinate's ass, but surely my lover would allow it?
  • Yokozawa: Even lovers and spouses can experience harassment.
  • Kirishima: Ooh, so you ADMIT we're lovers, then!

So choose me. If a stubborn asshole like you is gonna be in love with someone, I’m way better suited for you than anyone else. I’ve got a kid—but I think that’s a plus, personally. And she happens to like you, so it all works out, right? - Kirishima Zen ”

Sekaiichi Hatsukoi Valentine OVA ♡ ♡

Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi - The Case Of The Nerds

Ever since meeting this guy, I've experienced nothing but firsts. And I'm sure in the future Yukina will continue being my "first" in all manner of experiences.


use headphones

right ear: track 20 (jellyfish song)
left ear: track 21 (malfunctioning jellyfish song)